SC-29 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

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Approx. 2.74 metres coiled cord with built-in AF-Assist Illuminator for placement of the SB-910, SB-900, or SB-700 off camera. The SC-28/SC-29 makes off-camera TTL flash control easy and assured. With the Nikon D-SLRs, the SC-29 also works as an external AF-assist illuminator. The SC-29 provides full TTL control for Nikon Speedlights when used off camera with Nikon D-SLRs that utilize a TTL hot shoe. The SC-29 is approx. 2.74 metres in length and coiled; and features a built-in AF-Assist Illuminator. One end slips into the D-SLR's hot shoe and the Speedlight attaches to the other end, when the Speedlight is used off-camera, on a bracket.
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SB-5000 AF Speedlight, SB-500 AF Speedlight, SB-910 AF Speedlight, SB-700 AF Speedlight, SB-900 AF Speedlight, SB-600 AF Speedlight, SB-800 AF Speedlight, SB-400 Speedlight Unit